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Time to Celebrate Graduates

Our graduates have realized their dream of earning their degrees. We are honored to serve our students.


2023 Commencement and Recognition Ceremonies #



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You are now an IU Alumni! Congratulations, we are so proud of you and want to connect with you throughout your life journey. Please consider signing up for the IU School of Social Work Alumni Association. We need your talents to improve and expand our programs and services for all IUSSW alumni.


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You are the fire that ignites the passion to learn. You are built to handle whatever life throws at you.

Gloria Marie Combs ,
Bachelor of Social Work 2021 Graduate

This scholarship supports social work students achieving the highest academic standards. Our alumni dedicate their lives to improving the lives of others and we need your help to get them through their journey. Donate today and impact the life of a social work student in need.


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Congratulations to all my fellow graduates! We all have worked really hard and now is our time to shine!

LaTangela Kenyatta Bird ,
Master of Social Work 2021 Graduate
South Bend

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The school is committed to assisting current, past, and potential students with their career service needs. We offer an annual career fair, job search tools, and information and resources on careers in Social Work. Prepare for your licensure exam and learn about continuing education opportunities.


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Find your people and help each other thrive. Finally, don't forget to challenge the status quo, know your worth, and never stop fighting for our mutual liberation!

M. Killian Kinney ,
Ph.D. 2021 Graduate

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We provide network opportunities and keep you informed on the work of our current students and alumni. Be the first to know about the latest events and continuing education courses. Stay connected!



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